Mycoremediation Theory + Practice 

Wednesday, October 28th 7-9:30pm@ Fernwood NRG-

This workshop will discuss the theory behind how fungi break down chemical pollutants- including oil and pesticides- suck up heavy metals and radiation; filter water; and initiate and support many lifecycles that help regenerate ecosystems. We will talk through some specific case studies including how mushrooms have been used to degrade plastic and oil, and then get hands-on and learn how to make fungal filters.

$30 for the workshop + $20 if you want to take home Oyster or King Stropharia spawn to get started on some small-scale mycoremediation

(1 work-trade available)


Mushroom Education Day at the Victoria Compost Education Centre 

November 7th from 10-3pm @ 1216 North Park

*Including 2 workshops + spawn for sale all day + updates on local mycoremediation projects.

 Mushroom Companions to the Garden and Farm, 10:00am-12:00pm, $20 (please pre-register):

Learn how you can incorporate mushrooms into your site to boost food and medicine production in spaces you otherwise couldn’t grow in and build healthy soil ecosystems to support plant well-being. We’ll highlight three super garden companion mushrooms- King Stropharia, Elm Oyster and Shaggy Mane- and walk through how to grow mushrooms in beds, pathways, logs and the compost pile, and how to companion plant within your veggie beds, and add mycorhizal fungi to support your fruit trees.
Digest Your Household Waste With Mushrooms, 1:00-3:00pm, $20 (please pre-register):

Oyster and King Stropharia mushrooms are great at breaking down household and urban waste.This workshop will offer an overview of some of the cool stuff you can do with fungi where you live- from growing protein-rich food on recycled materials, to filtering your greywater, to breaking down your cigarettes, animal waste, oil and grease and so much more. We will build a sample waste digester during the workshop and spawn as well as complete digester kits will be available for purchase afterwards.


Grow and Cook Your Own Mushrooms at Home

Sunday, December 6th from 12-3pm @ Fernwood Community Center- 1240 Gladstone Ave.

Mushrooms are nutritious and medicinal, and growing them at home is easy and fun! This workshop will offer an intro to growing mushrooms at home, and outline how to grow and cook a variety of gourmet mushrooms, from Shiitake to Oyster to Lions Mane and Reishi.

$30 for the workshop + $20 if you want to take home a mushroom grow kit

(1 work-trade available)


Space is limited, please RSVP. For more info and to register, contact:

Danielle Stevenson at 250-891-4927or